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Refinancing Your Home

Restructuring existing debt on your home can save you money by reducing the amount of interest you pay, shorten the term of your loan, or even get you cash out for bill consolidation or home improvement. Ideal Financial will find the best program to maximize your home equity and save you the most money possible. Using funds for home improvement can also increase the value of your home which in turn, increases the overall equity in the home. With today's low rates, sometimes taking cash out will not result in a higher payment.

Ideal Financial Inc. provides, but is not limited to, the following refinance options:

Cash Out Refinance

FHA Loans

VA Loans

Jumbo Loans

Conventional Loans

HARP Loans

High Balance Loans

Alt-A Loans

Hard Money Loans

Sub Prime Loans

Why use a broker?

Here at Ideal Financial, we have over 20 years experience in the industry. Our motto is "the client always comes first." We are a full service brokerage that will cater to all your real estate financing needs.

Convenient appointments.

Ideal Financial loan officers are more flexible with their hours and are willing to work "after hours" or weekends, meeting at a time and place that is convenient for you. This is a huge benefit for full time workers or families with commitments to consider when wanting to refinance your home.

Brokers do the legwork.

Ideal Financial can find the right home loan for your needs and circumstances and support you throughout the entire application and settlement process. This is inclusive of paperwork, sourcing pre-approval and assisting to apply for government grants or incentives. Ideal Financial has a system for ensuring you are kept informed throughout the whole process, saving you time.

Quick and easy loan comparisons.

Here at Ideal Financial, we will take the time to explore your individual circumstances and goals. Ideal Financial has access to a range loans from over 170 wholesale lenders as well as small regional banks and credit unions, which allows us to find the best loan suitable to you.
When you meet with an Ideal Financial loan officer, you are effectively getting access to multiple banks and their loan options whereas a bank only has access to what they are offering which may not be suited to your needs.

Experience and Expert Advice.

Our loan officers will thoroughly explain the various subtleties of the different lenders and loan options which can make a big difference to your bottom line and potentially save you thousands of dollars in interest repayments. Outlining the pros and cons of different options can be very valuable in ensuring you have the right finance option that suits your property investing strategy and long term goals.

No charge for home loan service.

Ideal Financial can often structure a refinance to be at "0 points and 0 fees." This varies depending on credit and equity, but many of our clients to qualify for our no-cost or low-cost options.

Inquire now for a free customized report!

The customized report will show you the amount of tax free cash you are eligible to receive and what other options are available tailored to your needs!

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